Advance Business Website Features

My Cheap website designers use advance features when developing the advance business websites. For example, advance websites have database attached to the website. Therefore, our web developers will choose the most suitable advance features for the website to maintain the uniqueness.

Setting up a Blog

We have included a blog page for the advance business website design package. My Cheap Website Design will not maintain the blog page. But, we will show you how to maintain your blog page. Having a blog page in a business website will be an advantage for ranking your website in the Google.

Free Updates

My Cheap Website Design will offer free updates on your website for first three months. After that for any changes or updates for the website, we will give you a price depending on the complexity of the work.

Features of Advance Business Website

My Cheap advance business website package is created for customers who has dynamic content in their website such as letting agents, car hire or sale ect. We design and develop advance business websites at affordable price including a lots of features. For instant, free hosting, free domain, advanced business features, up to 15 pages and also onsite SEO campaign. Advance business websites include a database, so My Cheap Website design will show you how to maintain your database by adding, deleting and editing the details on website. Same as our other packages, we will provide free hosting for the first year and then we will charge a small amount annually for the hosting.

Advance business web design package also comes with a blog page. Unlike other packages, we will design a blog section to increase the back links for your website to help SEO. But, My Cheap Website Design will not be able to maintain it for you. If you wish to learn how to maintain your blog, we are more than happy to guide you through.

Furthermore, as you already know, all 15 pages in advance business website design package will be responsive for all devices available in the world. Therefore, your customers can reach you from anywhere and whenever they wish to. This will increase your click through rate and convention rate. On the other hand, this could help for Search Engine Optimisation.

All of our advance business website designs will contain modern features and high resolution images. And also design according to new techniques and platforms. Our web developers always renew their knowledge. So, you should be able to have a great advance website from us which is suitable for today. For a beautiful and quality advance website please contact My Cheap Website Design today or visit us....