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All our eCommerce websites are mobile friendly. This will help users to browse eCommerce shops using their mobile devices and purchase what they want without any hassle.

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Our eCommerce websites are tuned to achieve the very best performance. We deliver the best results by adjusting site speed, site loading time and search engine optimisation.

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With over 11 years in eCommerce, we know what it takes to create a store that looks great. Our eCommerce websites are easy to manage and converts browsers into buyers. There's no fixed term contracts, hidden fees or nasty surprises.

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Our affordable eCommerce website package was designed to facilitate all eCommerce needs of our customers.

1. Domain Name

Domain name is the first thing that you will need to have a website. Not only for an eCommerce website but also for a basic informative business website, you will need a domain name. Without a domain name, you will not be able to publish your website online. Domain name is something like this It can be .ca, .org, .net and so on.

When you purchase your domain name, you have to purchase it from a well reputed domain name provider such as Godaddy under your credentials. Which means in other words, your domain name should be 100% belong to you. Then we will use your domain name after constructing the website. During the construction period of your eCommerce website, we will do host it on one of our local servers.

If you prefer to purchase your domain name later, you can do that and we still can design your eCommerce website and transfer over to your domain name once it is completed.

2. Unlimited Pages

When we create eCommerce stores, we do not charge per number of pages. We offer unlimited pages to host unlimited products. All pages will be mobile responsive and optimized to increase traffic. You will get all essential eCommerce features such as cart page, wish list, product comparision, my account page and check out page. Therefore, you do not need to limit your products or services. With our eCommerce website designs, you can showcase any number of products and increase sales.

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Free Stock Images
  • Social Media linking
  • Onsite SEO Campaign
  • Site Security and Support
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Setting up a Blog
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Order Management
  • Promotions and Discount Codes
  • Setting up Shipping Rules
  • Analytics and Reports



Mobile responsiveness of a website has become mandatory feature due to mobile device users increasing at an alarming speed. According to latest research reports, more people use mobiles devices to browse internet than desktop computers. Therefore, If you do not have an eCommerce website which is responsive to mobile devices, then you will be missing more than half of your customers.

You must have maximum responsiveness in your eCommerce website. As one of the best eCommerce website designers in Vancouver, we always create mobile responsive websites layouts for eCommerce stores as well as for other websites. All websites that we create under this package will be highly responsive to mobile devices.


Images play a huge role in any eCommerce website. Glamour and beauty of a website completely depend on the images used. As a professional eCommerce website designers in Vancouver, we will achieve the beauty of your eCommerce websites by using high resolution images. Therefore, mainly for banners, we will use free stock images and we can also add your own product images and banners for your eCommerce website.


Social media accounts are really important when you have an online store since you can use them as marketing tools to promote your products or services. Social signals impact significantly on SEO process.

Most social media platforms have the ability of publishing your advertisements and promotions. With our affordable eCommerce web design package, we will create up to five major social media accounts for your eCommerce business and link them to to your online shop. If you would like to create them on your own, then you need to send us the profile URLs. So that we can link them to your website.

Responsive eCommerce Website Design


eCommerce Website Speed Optimization


Not only eCommerce owners but also other informative website owners pay huge attention on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) because that is crucially important in the process of creating some good amount of traffic for a website.At My Cheap Web Design, We have our own SEO experts who can get your website to the first page of Google within a very short period.

My Cheap Web Design Vancouver offers free onsite SEO with our eCommerce website design package. In other words, we will optimize the website in many ways, such as increasing keyword densities, optimizing the website loading speed, and adding meta descriptions. Other than those, we will also add schema tags, Facebook open graphs tags and Twitter cards tags to your eCommerce website for better search engine rankings.


Especially for an eCommerce website, security is a crucial part. We have to protect your website from malware injections. SQL injections and other security issues. Therefore, as an experienced eCommerce web designers Vancouver, we implement the maximum security for your eCommerce website. Your eCommerce shop always comes with SSL certificate.


Website loading time is critical when it comes to conversion optimization. If your website takes too long, your customers will surely bounce off from your online shop. This will hugely affect your final sales

Therefore, with our eCommerce web design Vancouver package, we provide website speed optimization. We will optimize your eCommerce store to have a better loading speed. So that your customers will not have to wait to browse through your products or services.

As a leading Vancouver eCommerce website design company, we will manually optimize your images, CSS and JavaScript files to reduce the loading time to 3s. Therefore, with My Cheap Web Design Vancouver, you will not lose customers due to website loading speed.


As mentioned earlier, website speed optimization is one of the main factors we consider when optimizing eCommerce websites. And the other important factor is to have a mobile-friendly layout. We provide responsive website design services to ensure your eCommerce website looks great regardless of your customers' devices.

We also focus on up-selling and cross-selling functions to be on your eCommerce shop. And new arrivals and promotions can also be added to your online store to draw customers' attention. Clear navigation will guide your customers easy to find the product they are looking for. Overall, the end-user experience is the most critical element in conversion optimization. Therefore, our eCommerce web designers will optimize your online shop's conversion to provide a guided tour-like experience for your eCommerce customers.


Setting up a blog is a great way to get traffic to your eCommerce website, and it is also one of the best ways to increase the number of indexes in search engines. As eCommerce business, you can write articles about products, product quality and publish news of new arrivals to inform your customers. You can easily share your blogs among social media accounts as a marketing strategy. Considering the advantages of an online store from a blog, we have included setting up a blog in our eCommerce web design Vancouver package.


eCommerce websites are always attached to a payment gateway in order to process transactions. My Cheap Web Designers will use PayPal as our default payment gateway. You can accept credit and debit card payments if you have a PayPal business account. There are other payments gateways available in the world, such as Stripe, Elevon, Sage Pay and so on. As a well-reputed web design company, we have experience integrating any payment gateway to your eCommerce website.

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Discount and Promo Codes eCommerce Websites


Obviously, an eCommerce website should have an order management system to manage orders. All our eCommerce websites have an order management system attached to them. You can access your order management area from the admin panel to handle the orders you get through your online shop. If your eCommerce website is designed on WooCommerce, you will have a WordPress backend under WordPress website design.

You can manage all your products with an inventory management system on your eCommerce website. You can add, delete and edit all types of information you need. And you can also keep track of your inventory with our eCommerce website design.


If you are running an online shop, giving discounts or promotions for your products is good. Most eCommerce businesses use this trick to get the attention of their customers. Therefore, we have integrated promotion and discount creation with our eCommerce websites. You can control the promotions from the backend of the website. Your customers can enter coupon codes in the shopping cart when processing their orders.


Shipping management is also crucial for an eCommerce website. You can have a history of shipped items on your eCommerce website. We will create different shipping rules as shipping charges vary according to various requirements. Our developers can integrate Canada Post and UPs shipping to your eCommerce Store to calculate all shipping costs automatically.


Analytics and reports of your eCommerce website are essential to measure the performance of your eCommerce business. Using those reports, you can find the strengths and weaknesses of your eCommerce business. Then you can work on those to improve the performance of your online store.


The security of an eCommerce website is crucially important. Your customers will be scared to use their credit or debit card details on your eCommerce website if you do not assure them security. We especially pay attention to the safety of the eCommerce website we design. Our developers will install an SSL certificate to your eCommerce website and make sure all security vulnerabilities are fixed.


It is essential to have an SEO-friendly eCommerce website. If you are opening a shop, the first thing you would look for is a busy road. So that you can sell more of your products to whoever is travelling on that road. The same theory goes with eCommerce websites as well. Since you are selling stuff online, you need traffic to the website. An eCommerce shop without traffic into it is more like opening a shop in a desert. With the help of our sister company, we optimize your eCommerce website for search engines while we develop the website. And that is why we are different than the other eCommerce designers in Vancouver.

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