My Cheap Web Design is a Vancouver based web design and development company offering you all web and digital marketing services ranging from logo design to ecommerce website development. Our vision is simple. We offer high quality websites at affordable prices. Therefore, if you are business starter and looking forward to bring your business online with a high quality website. You are now reading the right article.

High Quality Websites Vancouver
High Quality Websites from Vancouver Web Design Company

Let us now explain you the services that we provide. As a business starter or an entrepreneur, you might be having doubts about bringing your business online and market it among your potential customers. You must be able to identify the target customer base or your target market. Depending on that, you must make your strategies and plans. As a startup company, branding is one of the most difficult thing to achieve online. Branding could be done in several ways. Designing your company website, making business flyers and business cards, creating social media business pages are the vitally important aspects of online branding techniques.

Your business website must be able the deliver a clear picture about what you do as a business. A lot of Vancouver based businesses have websites which give negative impressions on their customers. And that is why you should hire a web design company such as a My Cheap Web Design to design and develop your website. At My Cheap Web Design, We have special quality guidelines which are very unique to us. These quality guidelines will make sure the quality of every single website that we make are met.

Check for Broken Links

Many of our developers have seen that Vancouver based businesses have out focused websites. We will make sure that the websites that My Cheap Web Design develop will not contain any broken links. Even though the broken links seem harmless to the design, it effects a lot in search engine optimization. Therefore, we remove all broken links by navigating them to the right web pages.

Short or Missing Content

If the content for your website is too short or missing, then Google does not like it at all. Google likes lengthy, fresh contents. And your content must be valuable as well. At My Cheap Web Designers, we have our own content writers who will achieve all of those requirements. Once we undertake a web design project, our content writers will arrange the content for you in a way that search engines love your website. Spelling mistakes in a website make a website look disreputable. But our content writers check spellings of the content that they write and make sure they are without any errors.

Speed and Uptime of a Website

As a well reputed web design company in Vancouver, we provide you with free domain names, free web hosting and free domain based email addresses to start your business website. Website speed and uptime is also an important factor for a quality of website. We provide hosting facilities from a well reputed web design company.

Website Speed and Uptime
Security of the Websites

Therefore, we can guarantee 98% of website uptime. Speed of the business websites that we develop is also optimized. We offer speed optimization for the websites that we develop at very affordable prices. Therefore, you will have speed optimized websites for your business at very low price.

Alternate Tags for the Images

Images speak thousand words. But not for the Google. Google Image bots can identify an image. But to simplify that process, as web developers, we have to use alt tags. ALT tags describe the image to major search engines and it is a must to use alt tags in order to get the good results in all search engines. My Cheap Web Developers always use alternate tags for all images they use. This will give a high quality positive out put on major search engine rankings.

Availability of Information

Availability of the contact information, should also be very clear to customers. Flow of information should be in a way that it could grab the attention of the people. My Cheap Web Design Company Vancouver will always make sure that the contact information of your website is accurate and up to date.

Security of the websites

Website security is also crucially important factor that we should think of these days. It is an essential factor to decide how quality a website is. At My Cheap Web Design, we always make sure the security of the websites that we develop are up to date. Since we provide free hosting to our valuable customers, most of these websites are hosted in our shared hosting environment.

security of a website
Security of the Websites

Therefore, we significantly think about the security of the websites. For the WordPress websites that we develop, we use iTheme Security plug-in. This plug-in is installed free of charge for all the Word Press websites that we create. For the eCommerce websites, we use latest updates and patches. SSL certificates are used for the transaction pages of all eCommerce websites. Therefore, your website is going to be hundred percent secured.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross browser compatibility is something you should really consider if you need a browser friendly website. At My Cheap Web Design, we check every single website that we develop against the most popular browsers. Capability of the functions and the ability of the plug-ins to render the website without any difficulties will be checked and verified. This will pave the way for us to design high quality websites for any types of business at affordable prices.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendliness of a website is significantly important these days. It effects for the SEO rankings as well. My Cheap Web Design Vancouver design and develop mobile friendly websites that are responsive to mobile devices. Responsive websites will adjust the content of the websites according to the screen sizes of different mobile devices. This will enhance the end user experience and it will also help to create lost of traffic into websites. We are happy to announce that as a leading web design company Vancouver only develop mobile responsive websites

Code Quality

Code quality of a website is also a critical factor to consider when you talk regarding quality of a website. That is why My Cheap Web Design checks HTML validations, CSS validation and automated testing. By carrying out these tests, My Cheap Web Designers will verify the quality of the codes so that it would help to render the websites that we develop without any difficulties in most of browsers.

As a well reputed Vancouver web design company, My Cheap Web Design focus more attention on the quality of the websites that we develop. Having the high quality website designs at affordable prices is the vision of the My Cheap Web Design Company Vancouver. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact affordable web design Vancouver company (My Cheap Web Design) to get your website done today..!!