As website designers, they should know a lot of things before start developing a website. It is a responsibility of a web designer to ask required information at the first meeting with their clients regarding the website. By creating a perfect communication link between the clients and a web developer, they will be able to design a quality, creative and beautiful website that the clients had in their mind. On here we are going to discuss few things that you should know before you going to a web designer. This will help you to get the most out of the website designer to build the best business website that you dreamed of.

1. What is the nature of your business?

When you go to a web designer, they should know the nature of your business in order to sketch the layout, arrange the pages and find the images and so on. It is important to let them know what your business does, who are the target customers, target key words and what services your business provides. All of the information you provide to your web developer will be the pillars of the blue print of website design which will match with your business nature and requirements. Your website is going to be the mirror image of your business. Therefore, presenting it nicely to your clients with all required details will give you the opportunity to deliver a creative and perfect out come.

2. What features do you want for the website?

After seeing beautiful websites which are on the same field of business like yourself, people tend to think that they need a website for their business as well.
But it is really important to know the functions of the websites before you ask to design a website for your business. If you can describe the features you need in web developer's language, then it would be easy for any web developer to understand the message. This will also give them a clear picture about the sketch you have in the back our mind.
Understanding what you should provide to your developer is a must before you proceed with your web developer. It is not that easy to meet all of your requirements, but for sure you as a web designer will be at least can go closer than you think. The following list of questions will be supportive to get more data from the clients regarding the website features that they want in the website design.

These are the sample questions that you might ask from your web developer

  • 1. Do you need a shopping cart?
  • 2. Social media implementation?
  • 3. Email collection and email marketing capability?
  • 4. A blog or news feed?
  • 5. Photo galleries?
  • 6. Onsite videos?
  • 7. A slider banner?
  • 8. A mobile responsive site?
  • 9. A blog or news page?
  • 10. The ability for people to leave comments?
  • 11. A quick contact form, quote request or booking form?

Having everything in black and white will prevent little disagreements and conflicts which could happen later and it will also reduce lot of rework and mistakes. Most business owners are not able to explain properly what they really want in their new website. From our personal experience, we know that most business owners are not in a position to explain clearly what they need with their website. Therefore, web developers sometimes have to design what they think is right for their clients business websites. In the end, developers have to rework a lot in order to match with the requirements of clients.

3. Do you already have a website?

If you already have a website, it is better to let your web developers know about the existing website. Providing you existing website to your web developer will be a good idea as it will help a lot to create a clear picture about your business in developer's mind. Maybe you do not like the look of the existing website or maybe you do not like the colour or the layout or the functions and features. Some of the functions or the features of the existing website need only improvement. Therefore, by knowing what you really need from your developer will make the work easy. Using this questioner, you also can understand the mistakes and errors of the existing website.

  • 1. When did you design this website?
  • 2. Do you find it easy to use and edit?
  • 3. What Content Management System does it use?
  • 4. What do you like about it?
  • 5. What DON'T you like about it?
  • 6. How many inbound leads are you currently getting from it?
  • 7. Does it give you the results you want to see?
  • 8. Have you got Google Analytics setup?
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4. Is there a website that you like and why?

After business owners decide that they need a website for their business, they would browse through a few different websites which do the same business like themselves. Then they think that they need a website like one of those.
But when they go to a web designer or developer and explain that they need a website like that, your designer or developer get lost without getting much information. On the other hand, you block your web developers freedom so that he or she would not be able to give you the 100% of it. In most cases web developers have the capacity to deliver a website for your business which is much more better than the website that you gave them.
It is ok to give them a website as a reference. Web developers can use the website that you provide them to get a rough idea. But you should not ask them to design an exact match. Let your web developers to have their freedom. May be they have much more experience than you think. By giving them the freedom of designing, you will be able to get the most out of them.

5. What is your content layout?

We have personally experienced most of our clients do not have a clue on what they should write on their website. In this case, they expect their web developers to write the content for them. In this case, web developers get lost as they do not know much about the other businesses. For an example, if you run a construction company, you might know the technical words related to your business than your web developer. Therefore, it is good to write the content for your website.
Content of the website turns into a critical strategy when it comes to search engine optimization. Depending on the content, web designers has to decide arranging the H1, H2, H3 headers etc.
As a leading web developing company, My Cheap Web Design would always advise our clients to provide at least 800 words paragraph about their business.

6. What do you expect from your website?

This is one of the biggest mistake that business owners often misunderstand. They do not know what their website is for. Most business owners think that they need to have a beautifully looking website to represent their business. As a website is a mirror of your business, it is reasonable to provide your customers a good impression about your business. But it is also important to create enough traffic to a website at the same time. For an example, you might be having a beautifully looking website. But if you do not know how to create traffic into that website, then it would be more like opening a nice looking shop in the middle of a desert. No traffic means nothing. Traffic into a website is significantly important as the beauty of it. Therefore, do not forget to pay attention to search engine optimisation while you are developing your website. There are web developers in Vancouver, specially like My Cheap Web Design who would provide onsite search engine optimization with their web design packages at affordable prices.

To conclude, having a better communication with your web developer or designer will definitely help both parties a lot. This will give your web developer to build a high quality, creative and beautiful website for your business which serve the purpose you require.