We have heard plenty of different stories about web design projects and managements. And as a leading web design company in Vancouver and a professional web developers who also build lot of websites, We do need to mention here that we have been on both sides of the same coin.
Typically everything starts very smooth, you had a great vision for your website. You hire one of the best web designers and everything went really smooth at the beginning. But eventually something went off the rail and you fell apart and you both got more and more frustrated. Most of the time this is the very common story.
So what went wrong here? and what can we do differently so that both you and your web designer live happily ever after.

Web Design Colours

1 ) Your Expectations have to be Match with the Technical Functions

In our personal experience, things start to fell apart very quickly in the web development process because there can be mismatch of expectations and misunderstanding of what are technical capabilities. For example, during the initial consultation, you might say that you are looking for a very simple website for your small business. But, on the other hand , in the web designers mind that means something really specific. Sometimes you might think that what really there to design. That is because you do not have the specific knowledge on web developing and designing. But, the truth is something you think that is really simple might takes hours to design and develop when you actually go to do it. Therefore, you need to mention what functionality you have in your mind very clearly to the web designer and understand the technical boundaries that they say in return.

2 ) Time Span for High Quality Web Design

If you visual hierarchical order is correct then the most important elements should be at the very top of the website. Once the web page is loaded, then your visitors will naturally gravitate to the vitally important element first.
You should keep in your mind that the real goal of optimizing a website for usability means encouraging the users to complete a desired action. This could be anything. Sometimes it might be filling a form or contacting you for your service or buying what they need from the website. Adjusting colours or sizes of elements will help you to force your users focus on those most wanted elements first. As most users read from left to right, it is always good keep most wanted pieces of information on the left of the web pages. Use dark colours on such elements to get more attention to them.

Navigate Ability of a Website

3) Estimating Cost for Website Design

Most of the web designers will have the ability to give a rough estimation of the project cost. Some web designers may sub contract to other web developers or designers to get your project done. Therefore, if you change your budget in the middle of the process, it would be a complete disaster for web developers. Therefore, it is a good practice to outline all the services you need at the beginning and come to an agreement with the cost. If you need to add some changes in the process of developing the website, you can add them up all together and have a phase two development.

4) Communication and Explaining What You Need

You might have very clear understanding and a picture in your mind how your website should look like. And maybe your website designer would be able to understand what have in your mind by the words that you are using to describe it or perhaps they will have a completely different vision. Communicating with your web developer by just using words is not a good idea at all. Therefore, you have to think about other ways and methods of communicating such as using images, videos. It is also not a good idea to send your favorite website to your designer and ask him to develop a website just like that. Instead, you can point out one or two things that you specifically like about the website you prefer. This way, your website does not look like someone else's.

5) Changing Technologies

Once your website is launched, There might be a couple of things you still need to know about. For example, you might need to maintain your website, update it accordingly or you might think about how to get your website on the first page of Google. You need to talk about these things before you start working together because some developers do not provide search engine optimization with their web design packages. Another important thing that you need to think before you hire a web developer is the responsiveness of the website. You need to build a website which is mobile responsive. As mobile responsive websites adjust their content according to the different screen sizes, it will be a good help to generate more traffic to your business website from different mobile devices.