Nowadays, eCommerce websites are becoming the most easiest and fastest way to shopping online. ECommerce websites have been so popular among Canadians due to reasons such as their simplicity and user friendliness. Street shopping could sometimes be a waste time and that will make shoppers exhausted. The ability to shop from home has given the freedom to shoppers beyond any limits..

Therefore, if you are planning to open an eCommerce shop that could sell products or services, planning is one of the most important factors as the success of your eCommerce shop will entirely depends on how well you have planned and the how strong the foundation of it.
Generally eCommerce website design prices are higher than the other web design prices because of the extra security that we need to provided. In the process of developing your eCommerce website, First of all, you will have to find an affordable eCommerce web design company that creates high quality ecommerce websites. My Cheap Web Design Vancouver offers the most affordable prices for eCommerce web design services.
As a well experienced eCommerce design company in Vancouver, we have gathered some important tips and tricks to guide your eCommerce business in the path of success. Here are the golden rules that could make more sales from your eCommerce website. If you follow these steps, you will surely be able to turn your website into a money making machine.

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1. Better Website Loading Speed

Most of the internet providers in North America offer high speed internet services. Therefore, if your eCommerce website loading is slow, you will lose your potential customers. In reality, nobody wants to wait even for a one second. Everything has to be fast. And it goes with eCommerce websites as well. If your eCommerce website developer can make your eCommerce website load faster, for sure, you can keep your customers.
It is the responsibility of your web development company to make your website load faster. Higher the loading time will bounce off your potential clients from your website. Speed optimization has to be done for every single page of an eCommerce website. There could be so many thing that your web developer needs to do in achieving a better loading speed such as minification of JavaScript files, CSS files and HTML files. Not only that they will also need to optimize the product images before uploading them.
My Cheap Web Designers offers speed optimization under our eCommerce website design package.

2. Maximize On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is another important thing that you should consider when running any website. Especially an eCommerce shop without optimizing for search engines is more like a shop in a desert. There are two types of search engine optimizations. Those are Onsite search engine optimization and off site search engine optimization. Arranging conversion oriented keywords throughout the ecommerce website and maintaining required keyword densities are considered to be good practice in on page SEO. Not only will that, arranging proper titles and Meta descriptions on pages draw the attention of search engine crawlers. Knowing importance of the onsite SEO for eCommerce websites, My Cheap Web Design Vancouver has decided to offer onsite search engine optimization in their affordable eCommerce website design package.

3. Responsive Ecommerce Website Design

Having a responsive eCommerce website could increase leads to it. On a responsive website, it can adjust its content automatically for different screen sizes. Since many people use mobile devices, having responsive eCommerce website would give you the opportunity to targeting mobile users. Once the website is designed, you can test your website against different screen sizes using many online tools. There are plenty of free testing tools available online.

4. Show Contact Information of Your eCommerce Website

Clearly showing your contact information on an eCommerce website will increase reliability of it. Most people prefer to mention just an email address. This will not be a problem as long as you reply to incoming emails quickly. Social media information should be there too. An Instant chat application will be an added advantage to increase customers as they can get the answers quickly. Ask My Cheap Web Designers to integrate an instant chat application to your eCommerce website for few dollars.

5. Have 'Call to Action' Buttons

Call to action buttons plays a huge role in eCommerce websites. You can navigate customers to the promotions and deals using this button. And they will stimulate customers to buy from your ecommerce website. Call to action buttons guide your customers telling them what you would like them to do when they are in your eCommerce website. Clear navigation throughout the website is also mandatory to get more sales.

6. Search Function and Easy Navigation

When customers want to find something, they will instantly go to the search bar as they do not like to wait. If your eCommerce website does not have a search function, there is a high tendency for your customers to leave the website. They will not put extra effort in finding what they need browsing through your website. An eCommerce website should always be clearly categorized according to your products and it has to have an easy navigation with a clear flow. If you hire My Cheap Web Design Vancouver as your eCommerce web designer, they will design a nice eCommerce layout with all eCommerce functions. So, you only need to drive the traffics to your website.

7. Testimonials and Customers Reviews

In your eCommerce website, make sure you clearly show the testimonials and customer reviews. It would increase the sales if you could add a section for your customers to review your products in your eCommerce website. Nowadays, people rely on reviews before they actually buy anything. Social proof is really important to make a good reputation for eCommerce websites in order to increase the conversion rates.

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8. Add Security Seals (SSL Certificate)

Security Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate is a must if you have a payment gateway attached to your eCommerce website. This indicates that it is safer to enter sensitive information such as card or bank to an eCommerce website for the completion of transactions.
Since cyber security is something that you should be careful of, you can deliver your customers the end to end protection they need using a SSL certificate. My Cheap Web Designers Vancouver can install SSL certificates for your eCommerce websites at an affordable price.

9. One Page Checkout for eCommerce Website

One page checkout option will help you to increase the sale on your eCommerce website. You should be able to help your customers to check out on a single page. Lengthy fillings and having multiple steps for the navigation in the checkout process will give your customers a negative impression about your eCommerce website.
People love easy checkouts. It is pretty simple and easy for anybody who is willing to purchase from an eCommerce website to fill billing and shipping data on a single page. In just one click they can purchase what they need without having too many steps to finish the online transactions. As experts in the field of eCommerce website design Vancouver, My Cheap Web Design will always create our eCommerce websites with single page checkouts.

10. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Having multiple payment methods will give your customers the freedom that they need in the payment process. After attaching a secure payment gateway, your eCommerce website will be able to process the credit or debit card payments without navigating anywhere.
But it is also good to have third party payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe on your website. Your customers might not have built the trust to use their credit or debit cards on your eCommerce website. Yet, as a well know third party payment gateway, they will tend to use PayPal if it is available. Therefore, you have to provide that flexibility among your eCommerce payment options. PayPal itself offer multiple payment methods, so that will allow your customers

11. Product Images, Description and Videos

If your eCommerce website is able to showcase high resolution large size product images with different angels, people are more likely to buy them. And to convince them to buy your product you need to have well structured and descriptive product descriptions with keywords. On that way, your eCommerce website visitors can understand what a certain product is, and on the other hand, the keywords will help you to rank your eCommerce website in search engines.
More importantly, if you can add videos explaining your products, those will help to make more sales from of your eCommerce shop.

12. User Friendly eCommerce Website Layout

After creating a user friendly eCommerce website design, your visitors should be able to find what they need without wasting time. Adding up-selling and cross-selling, sorting, new arrival and offers in the home page can increase the conversion rate of any eCommerce website. We are happy to say that My Cheap eCommerce web designers always focus on user friendliness when designing eCommerce websites.


If you could plan well during the development process of your eCommerce website design, then you will be able to turn that into a cash machine. But, it takes lots of time and efforts at the beginning to design a customer oriented eCommerce website. Reach out My Cheap Web Designers Vancouver at any time and we are more than happy to give you advices and directions from the beginning to the end towards making profits from your eCommerce website.