On a single page website, all of the content is contained in a one long page which will scroll from top to bottom. Instead of having multiple pages, one page website has only one page. One page websites are a better solution for service, organizations and small businesses. But there is always a question to ask before you making a decision to go with one page website. One page website is not a better solution for industries which have a lot of information, eCommerce shopping cart websites and some portfolio website. Therefore, it is always critical to choose one page website to represent your business online.

One Page Website
One Page Website Design

One page website will be a good solution if you have a small business or if you are an entrepreneur who is looking forward to publish your business information online. In this case, your one page website will act exactly as a business directory page which has all required information regarding your business.

Advantages of one page website design

There are many advantages in developing one page website. One page website is easy to create and maintain. Designing cost will be considerably lower than the multiple pages website. This will enable you to save a lot money and time which you can use for marketing of your website. One page websites are easy to navigate through the top menu. Web page will be scrolled down to the content and focus exactly to the relevant content when you click on the top menu. This mechanism saves a lot of time loading time as well. During the loading of every single page on multiple pages website, there have to be requests sending to the server and receiving the content from the web server. This might take time as each page has different content in them. But in an one page website, as it has only one page, there is no additional time to download the web pages. This will enhance the end user experience and save a lot of time.

On one page website design, you still have the ability to use pop-ups and light boxes. Therefore, for the additional content such as portfolios and other important messages, you can use pop-ups and light boxes.

Search engine optimization would also be easy with the one page website design. You will have the ability to make the most useful titles and description for your one page website. Other important tags such as schema and rich cards can also be used in the most suitable way. As there is only one URL to be watch, you will have plenty of time to audit your own work on SEO. You also have the ability to use an external blog if you think you need more traffic in to the website. These kinds of external blogs can be seen on Internet and they give an added advantages to your one page website by creating authentic traffic. WordPress and Blogger are the two popular external blogs which you can link to your one page website. In this case, you will have to sign up with the external blog website separately.

You can also control the flow of information to the very best in a one page website. Therefore, for your website visitors, it will be more like taking a journey through the website which they love to experience. One page website is also a great solution if you are aiming at getting more traffic from mobile devices. It will give the better end user experience for all mobile device users.

Disadvantage of one page website design

However, one page website is not good if you are planning to have blog centered websites. End user may sometimes experience difficulties in finding what they need as the length of the page could be really high.

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