To improve your business results dramatically, a well maintained and well executed website is needed. But it can take lots of time and effort to create good traffic into the website and rank it high on the Google search results. Even though you have a website which is on the first page of the Google, but still you have a unbearable bouncing off rate for your website, then there is obviously a problem with your website design. Which means in other words, your website is not capable of converting your website visitors into your actual customers. In this case you may need a website redesign. But it is crucially important for you to plan the website redesign process as you do not need the same mistake happen twice.

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Therefore, we are going to tell you ahead about some of the mistakes that you can avoid in the process of website redesign for your company.

Unclear Goals

This is a common mistake. You have to have very clear reasons for redesign your website. Therefore, it is always better to identify what you need before you pursue a website design company. Sometimes you might have goals like

  • 1. To reduce the bouncing rate of the website
  • 2. Increase the site visitors
  • 3. To develop sales revenue
  • 4. To make the existing website responsive to mobile devices.

It is really important to know why you have decided to redesign your existing website and how your new website should be. These goals will be the guideline for you to redesign a high quality website to achieve your targets.

Moving Ahead without Planning

Plan your work and work your plan. It is simple as that. Your website redesign process should be as smoothly as possible. One of the biggest mistakes done by different web developers is they let the old website down for a long time during the time of designing the new website.

  • 1. Auditing your current website’s performance
  • 2. Identify Your Target Customers
  • 3. Evaluation of Competitors
  • 4. Reviewing your website’s content
  • 5. Taking inventory of your website’s assets
  • 6. Identifying ways to achieve your goals with redesign

Study the Performance of Existing Website

A proper investigation of existing website analytics will give you a proper understanding about the performance of the existing website. Therefore, it is vital to learn the strategies of protecting the existing website through current analytic.
You can also get a rough idea about the weak areas and pages through a tool like Google analytics. After carefully identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the existing website, As a developer you will be able to design a new website with rich functions.

Faller to Identify Your Requirements

We have come across business owners who need a website redesign for them. But they do not know what they want in their new website. Defining the requirements and the scope of your new website will make it easy for web developer to understand your website redesign proposal. Before going to meet web designer, it is essential to outline what you need for the new design so that web design companies will be able to deliver an accurate estimate cost. Therefore, it is wise to write down your requirements before contacting your web developer.

Inadequate Budget for Website Redesign Process

Most people think that website redesigning is an easy task. Sometimes it is more complicated than designing a website from the scratch. For some websites it is easy to design a website from the beginning than redesigning. But without understanding the amount of work that a developer has to do, some people set very low budgets for their website redesigning. Sometimes they even tend to argue about the cost for the redesigning with web developers. Some developers, on the other hand, accept the low budgets and come up with another low quality design. Therefore, to avoid this kind of a situation, you will have to set an adequate budget for your website redesigning.

Expect Short Turnover Time From the Developer

One thing is crystal clear on here. That is your current website is a mess. Otherwise you would not be thinking to redesign your website. Therefore, if you are a business owner, allocating enough time for your website re-designer or redeveloper is a wise idea. So that, they could come up with a really attractive and fully functional new website using the full time frame you gave to them. As website designing is a sequential. Many tasks cannot be started until another task is finished. Therefore, it is good to accept the time scale that your web developer gives you because he has a very clear picture about the timeline and time consuming tasks.

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