There are many YouTube SEO experts and plenty of SEO tips and videos. And I know you must have watched all those videos and tips to optimize your YouTube videos. Most of us want to get more views and rank in the YouTube. Therefore, many of us have tried same old key words, video length, introductions, tags and more. But, the question is by doing all those, have you managed to rank in the YouTube? Most of you will say ‘No’ as the answer.
This is what I found recently and it works. There are nine powerful tips that you can follow to rank YouTube channel.

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1. Front-Load Your Keyword

Every one of you knows that you should use your target keyword or words in the title. What you might not know is that YouTube put more weights on that appear in the beginning of the title. Let see the example below. If you use the target keyword at the beginning of the title and then you can make it more SEO friendly. This is call front-loading keyword.

2. Boost Video Engagement Signals

Have you ever though what makes certain videos rank higher than others. The videos with lots of engagement signals are tent to rank higher than other videos. Engagement signals are things like shares, likes, comments and subscribes. Basically, whenever someone engages with your video it tells YouTube that people love this video. The researches states that comments co-related with ranking more than any other engagement signals. The question is how can you get more people to comments on your videos? Putting a hyper-specific call to action (CTA) at the end of the video works best to get more comments for your video.

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3. Use The Tab Formula For Video Tags

Here is the deal with the video tags on YouTube Channel. According to ranking factor study as important as it used to be. That means tags still make a difference. So, it is worthwhile to spend some time on them. Unfortunately, most people on YouTube use the tags completely wrong. Video tags are designed to help YouTube understand the content of your video. This means, you do not need lots of tags to get the job done. If you use so many tags and YouTube has no idea what is your video about. If you put different tags in different topics, YouTube cannot identify the exact matching keyword to rank your video. And if YouTube does not understand what your video is about, they are not going to rank the video for sure. Use of so many tags with different topics, you can confuse both YouTube and Google

It is recommended to use small number of highly specific tags. Follow the TAB formula. It stands for,

  • T- Target
  • A- Alternatives
  • B- Broad

The first tag should be target keyword. Just like with your title, YouTube put more weight on tags that appear earlier on. The nest two to three keywords should be the alternatives of your target keyword. So find some variations of your main keyword. Type the main keyword in the YouTube search bar and sees what it is suggested.

4. CTR Magnet Thumbnails

You probably already know that click through rate is important YouTube ranking factor. In other words if your video gets above average amount of the clicks, YouTube is going to give your video a higher rank. So, how can we get more clicks? Use CTR magnet thumbnails.
CTR magnet thumbnails are thumbnails strategically design to get more clicks from YouTube searchers.

  • • Use Non-YouTube Colors in Your Thumbnail
  • What does it mean? The main colors on YouTube are White, Red and Black. So, if you use the same colors on your thumbnail, you will blend in. Instead, use the colors that contrast with YouTube color scheme like Green, Blue, Purple, Gray and Orange. If you use those colors as thumbnails, your video can stand out from others and help to get more clicks.

  • • Use Big Bold Text in Your Thumbnail
  • Thumbnails with text get more clicks than thumbnails without any text. But, you do not have lot of space to work with. Therefore, it is recommended that to use maximum 30 characters.

5. Write Mini Blog Posts For Your Video Description

Most people normally do not care about the description of the video. But, the long description strategy has proven that it helps videos to rank in YouTube. Because, longer description helps YouTube better understand what your video is all about. So, write a long description about your video with 150 to 200 words. What you want to outline the content of the video without giving out the form. And do not write needy details in the description. In that way if someone read the description, they still need to watch the video to get the details.

6. Boost Video Length

When it’s come to YouTube SEO, what makes better. Long video or short videos. Well, most of the longer videos tend to outrank short videos. If you analyze the videos, you will see that the average length of the videos is 14:50. Few years ago YouTube stated that they focus on the videos that increase the amount of the time that the viewers will spend watching videos on YouTube. In other words, YouTube loves videos that keep people watching for long period of time. The tip is to make the videos between 8 to 15 minutes long.

7. Use Brackets and Parentheses in Your Video Title

Like mentioned above, YouTube uses click through rate as a ranking factor. Your thumbnail is a big part of the equation. But, do not forget about the title. It is huge. Infect, YouTube themselves state that well written title can be the difference between someone watching and sharing your video or scrolling right pass it. And one of the easiest ways to increase your click through rate is that add brackets and parentheses to your video title. The study commission by Hubspot discover that by simply adding brackets and parentheses to title boost the click through rate by up to 38%.
Here are some tips that you can use for brackets and parentheses.

  • • (FAST)
  • • (CASE STUDY)
  • • (TRUE STORY)

8. Ranked In Suggested Video

YouTube SEO is more than just ranking in the search results. Infact, you can get just as many views if not more by getting your video to be appearing as a suggestive video. Suggestive video is when your video appears next to another video in the side bar. So, if you can get your video to show up next to really popular video you can steal some of their views. And the best way to show up as a suggestive video, you use the same tag that video uses. When YouTube sees some of your tags match the tags from a popular video they understand that your video is about the same topic. Which mean they likely rank your video as a suggestive video. First checkout the tags that popular video uses.
To see a video tags you need to look at the source code of the page. To do this with Google chrome just right click on the page and click view page source. Then look at the keyword section of the page. The keywords that appear here are the tags for that video. You can also use tools like TUBE BUDDY, vidIQ which will show you video tags without needing looking source code. Then use few of the tags that video uses on your video as your tags. And make sure to copy the tags exactly WORD for WORD.
If your video is high quality and closely relative to the popular video YouTube will start to rank you as a suggestive video.

9. Turn Donkeys in to Unicorns

The fact is this. Whether you are a small channel or have millions of subscribers, we all have videos that do better than others. Why is that? There are lots of reasons behind this. But, there is one common reason and that is lots of watch time. We talked about watch time before. It is the total amount of time people spend watching your video. And resonantly discover a great way to increase watch time. First log in to your YouTube and click on ADUIENCE RETENTION. This report will show you how much of video people watch and whether they tend to drop off. Then search for the video that you published on channel that’s done really well. Finally keep an eye for audience retention peak. Peaks are section of videos that have above average on its retention. Then just watch that section of the video to figure out what catch people for watching that part.
Take the note of any special features, it may be change of camera angel, say something funny, or may be put some graphic on the video. Even it is simple, take a note of that. Then apply what you learned for your future videos. Finally there is a cool little trick. That is including the current year in your video title. Since lot of people search keyword + year in Google and YouTube, you have more chance to rank and get more clicks to your video.
So, use those tips to rank your video in YouTube.