A well organized one page website can be faster and easy to maintain than a multiple pages website. Design process will be quicker than a normal website design.


If you have a website with lots of pages, it will be hard for your customers to browse over the website. One page websites help you to keep the website short and user friendly.


Most important part of the SEO is the quality inbound links. Single page website can enrich the SEO as it only has only single page to be linked.


If you are providing a service or selling a single product, then one page website is the best option for you as it has clear message delivering ability.

One Page Website Vancouver

One Page Website For Service Providers

One Page Websites are often designed to attract visitors and let them engage with the website in a very unique way. Story telling ability of one page websites give visitors a guided tour throughout the site rather than giving them a passive experience. Instead of clicking and browsing through different pages, on a one page website, visitors have to scroll through a single page. Therefore, One page website layouts are most convenient option for small business starters. One page websites are an excellent solution especially if you offer services or information.

What Made One Page Websites Popular

Due to user friendliness and simplicity of one page websites, they are very popular among small business starters and entrepreneurs. Designing one page website consumes less time. It can be varied depending on the complexity of the design and the features.

One Page Website for Affordable Price

My cheap web design company offers one page website design package to match your business requirements including modern and beautiful features. My cheap web designers develop one page websites responsive to all mobile devices at affordable prices.

  • One Page Website
  • Up to 6 Menu Items
  • Free Stock Images
  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Social Media Linking
  • Onsite SEO Service

One Page Website is a Better Option for Little Information

One page websites are great for businesses if you have little information on each topic. Usually one page websites are for people who offer a service or sell a single product. Barbers, musicians, gardeners, affiliate product promoters will fall into this category. Since all of them are offering a single service or selling a single product, They have very little information on different topics. One Page Website is very simple and easy to maintain. Therefore, If you do not need too many pages for your website, one page website is one of the best options for you.

Since we can still add advance features such as parallax effect, JQuery Portfolio and revolution sliders for one page website, the beauty of the websites can also be maintained well. On a one page website there is one single header menu which navigates you to different sections of the same page. Therefore, there are less chances for your website visitors to be lost in a one page website. One sticky menu on the top will easily navigate your website visitors throughout the site. Sometimes, even without a header navigation, one page website can navigate visitors perfectly well.

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Mobile Friendly Website Design

Mobile responsiveness is an important factor which you need to consider these days when developing a website. Since more and more people tend to use mobile devices with the rapid development of technology, mobile friendliness for a website has become a critically important factor. By knowing the importance of mobile friendliness for a website, My Cheap Web Design only build mobile responsive one page websites. Therefore, your One Page Website will also be responsive to different mobile devices.

My Cheap Web Designers are pleased to offer you our One Page Website design package at the lowest possible price. Since we provide all essential requirements to start a perfect business website for your business, as a business owner you will enjoy the freedom with our One Page Website design package.

Search Engine Optimized Website

We offer on site search engine optimisation with our One Page Website design package. During the process of development, we will optimize your website content for the best keywords and insert image alt tags for your website. We make sure get rid of any broken links and data duplications which could be negatively impacted on SEO. Not only we optimize title and description tags with your one page website, but we also use strong markup languages such as schema markup for better search engine optimization.

We also create social media accounts for your business and link them with the website. On here we will consider major social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. Traffic from well maintained social media accounts count a lot for better search engine ranking positions.

One Page Website Vancouver

  • Faster and Easier to Maintain
    Coding and making the one page website is easier. So turnaround time will be significantly less when you compare one page websites to multiple page websites. Maintaining a one page website can also be easy as web content is on a single page.
  • Better SEO Potential
    Quality inbound links for a website plays a huge role in SEO. By only having one page to maintain, you do not really need to worry about link building for other pages. Therefore, you will have a better SEO potential for your one page website.
  • Reduced Loading Time
    There isn't much data on a one page website. Simple one web page has everything you need. So additional web files for a one page website such as JavaScript and CSS are also less when compare to a multiple page website. This significantly reduces the loading time for one page websites.

Features of Our One Page Websites

  • Easy to Build So Short Turn Over Time
  • Beautiful Design
  • Great User Experience on Any Device
  • Easy to Navigate Through the Website
  • Easier to Organize the Content
  • Best Option for Service Providers
  • Story Telling Ability Can Increase Conversions
  • Story Telling Ability Can Increase Conversions
  • Better Structure
One Page Website Designer Vancouver

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