Reform PT Website Design Project

Reform PT website was created using WordPress, CSS3, XHTML and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as web development technologies. Other than that several WordPress plug-ins were also used to maximize the quality.

Reform PT Website Design

Creating A Scalable Design Strategy For Reform PT

Website Design For Physiotherapy Clinic in Burnaby

With years of experience since 2017, our creative team has maintained a clear vision of web design and development. We understand the importance of scalability and aim to provide solutions that grow with your business. Our strategy for Reform PT includes implementing a modular design approach, allowing for easy expansion as your company evolves.

Moreover, our team ensures cross-browser compatibility and implements the latest SEO techniques to improve search engine rankings and attract potential customers. With a focus on user experience, we prioritize functionality and optimize website speed to promote conversions and minimize bounce rates.

Reform PT Website Launched
Mobile Layout Reform PT


The Reform PT website required a significant design overhaul to enhance its user interface and experience. The old layout lacks intuitive navigation and visual appeal, making it challenging for visitors to find the information they need. The proposed updates should focus on streamlining the website's structure for easy navigation, integrating aesthetically pleasing design elements, and optimizing the site for mobile viewing to cater to the increasing number of users accessing the site from handheld devices. Additionally, including interactive features and multimedia content can facilitate better engagement with the site's users.

Our Web Solution

My Cheap Web Design proposed a comprehensive web solution for the Reform PT website that addresses the identified issues and enhanced the overall user experience. First, we proposed a new sitemap to organize the content better and improve navigation. Coupled with a clean, modern design, this restructured layout will enhance the visual appeal while maintaining functionality. Recognizing the shift towards mobile, we suggest a responsive design that ensures seamless browsing on all device types.


To promote user engagement, our solution includes dynamic elements like interactive sliders, embedded videos, and an integrated blog section for the latest updates. With this tailored approach, we aimed to transform the Reform PT website into an intuitive, attractive, and user-friendly platform. Our team of experienced designers and developers worked closely with you to understand the requirements and incorporate suggestions, resulting in a customized website that represents Reform PT's brand identity and resonates with your target audience.

Make A Website Like Reform PT With Us

Mobile Friendly Layout

With the new website design meticulously approved by the Reform PT, our talented team of front-end web developers took charge. They carefully converted the striking UI designs into pixel-perfect HTML and CSS templates, paying attention to every minute detail.

At this critical stage, our dedicated quality assurance expert steps in. They thoroughly beta-test the newly created page templates, meticulously checking for any display and performance bugs. This rigorous testing ensures that the responsive elements work seamlessly across contemporary browsers and a wide range of mobile devices, providing an optimal user experience.

By paying close attention to even the smallest nuances, our team guarantees a flawlessly executed website that meets and exceeds expectations.

The Web Design Process

Reform PT operates around Burnaby, BC required a responsive website that serves Vancouver Lower Mainland. Crafting bespoke web experiences for creative agencies presents a distinct challenge brimming with opportunities to push boundaries. With a decade of expertise in the web design industry, our team has meticulously crafted a comprehensive 7-step web design process that we adhere to, regardless of project scope or scale.

The Research and Discovery phase is the foundation of any project, setting crucial benchmarks and milestones for the subsequent strategic design and development phases. It is a paramount initial step, ensuring thoroughness and guiding the path forward.

During the Discovery phase, our creative thinkers immerse themselves in the unfiltered user analytics data from the previous website. This analysis helps us identify what effectively resonates with our target audience and, equally crucial, what is not. We can make informed decisions to improve our approach by gaining this valuable insight.

In the larger context, numbers reflect how daily visitors engage with the website, offering valuable insights into their preferences. This research also uncovers prominent user challenges within the current website navigation, allowing us to devise effective solutions through a new site map design.

Custom Web Design Reform PT

Maintaining Consistency and Relevance

As a leading web design agency, we recognize the significance of consistency in design elements throughout your website. From font styles to colour schemes, every aspect of Reform PT's website will reflect your brand's identity, maintaining relevance and reinforcing brand recognition among visitors. Along with consistency, we also prioritize relevance, ensuring that your website's content remains up-to-date and relevant to your target audience.

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