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Being one of the most affordable Vancouver SEO Consultant, we have tailored our SEO campaigns to match the search engine's requirements for ranking websites high. Therefore, regardless of the industry that you operate in, we provide the very best search engine optimization service in Vancouver, Canada. As experts in the field of web designing, our search engine optimization process is much more efficient than other Vancouver SEO Consulting Services. Our proven steps cover all important aspects to achieve the best SEO results.


We are more than happy to announce you that we provide free SEO audits for your website. In order to get a proper idea about your website, we analyze your website structure, meta descriptions, titles, headings, keyword densities, broken links and so on. We collect local industry data through our SEO analytics tools. We also determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Then we can determine what keywords you should use to perform well and overcome your competitors. Afterwards, we start optimizing your website for pre determined set of keywords.


After successfully carrying out a research, we move to proven techniques for search engine optimisation and optimize your website. As a top Vancouver SEO company, we are happy to say that we offer the very best search engine optimization in Canada. Our SEO specialist always use very unique optimization strategies and tactics to achieve the best results over your competitors. Unlike other SEO companies in Vancouver, We do not charge for SEO audits and we will provide you a full report regarding your website. Therefore, it would be convenient for your wallet with our free SEO audits.


Even though, we are based in Vancouver, we proudly provide our valuable search engine optimization services to Canada wide clients. Therefore, regardless of our location, we help to establish location-specific keywords for your business. My Cheap Web Design SEO experts rearrange your content so that it will pave the way and create amazing SEO results for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. We always keep contact with our clients and you will see theamount of work we do.


One of the best practice in search engine optimization is the sustainability of your techniques and tactics. As a reputable SEO company in Vancouver, we go extra mile to deliver you a very professional local SEO service by increasing your local citations. We continually write blogs and articles and submit them to the search engine optimization directory. With consistent tailoring of the optimisation process, we draw your true clients to maximize the profits of your company.


The real difference of our Vancouver SEO Consulting service is that we couple it with conversion optimization which could bring you amazing results turning your website visitors to actual customers.We will definitely build traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates. We only provide you with white hat seo techniques to optimize your website. Before embarking on an SEO campaign, it is a must to understand the business needs of the company.

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Implementation of SEO

When enough planning was completed, My Cheap Web Design SEO experts Vancouver take necessary actions. They practice white hat SEO techniques which are authorized by main search engine algorithms such as Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird. Therefore, there is a very less chance for your website to penalized by main search engine such as Google.

  • Create Strong Social Signals Social Signals are a huge thing these days and they matter in modern world SEO. We will maintain four main social networking sites for you. We will publish posts, images and videos in the most efficient and effective ways which help your website to rank on search engines.
  • Schema Markup for SEO Schema Markup is a markup language which we can use to create a strong search engine friendly websites. After successful integration of schema markup will help Google crawlers to scan through your website instantly and identify the content and what that content is about.
  • Scan for the Duplicate Content We will surely make sure that your website does not have any duplicate contents. Since having duplicate content in a website badly effect for search engine ranking scores, My Cheap Web Designers will assure your website is duplicate content free.
  • Keep Your Website in Safer Boundaries We also make sure not to over optimize your website. Over optimized website is vulnerable to Google algorithmic penalties as well as manual penalties. Therefore, we will keep your site within the white hat SEO area.
  • Local SEO We will submit your website to business directories and make sure your local citations are correct in each directory. We will also make sure your details are accurate in your social media accounts.
  • Speed up the Website Google takes slow loading time as a negative ranking signal and that is why as a reputable SEO company in Vancouver Canada, We reduce loading time of your website. We reduce the loading time of your website by manually optimizing images, JavaScript files, CSS file and HTML files. We will also remove any render blocking codes in your website.

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