Why there is such a Difference in Web Design Price

These are the features we provide with our web design packages. As a reliable Vancouver web design agency, we thought it is good to describe the features that we offer with our web design packages. It will help you to understand our services.

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1. Free Domain Name

Domain name is something like www.yourdomainname.com or www.yourdomainname.ca. It is essential to have a domain name to have a website. Technically speaking domain name is an IP Address. To make an IP address user friendly and catchy, strings are used instead of numbers. You have to buy the domain name from a domain name provider. We are happy to say that we provide free domain name with all of our web design packages.

2. Free Web Hosting


To have a website for your business, web hosting is also essential. Hosting space should be purchased from hosting providers. It is the hosting space where we keep all your web files. We provide free hosting with all our web design packages. Our hosting providers are well reputed and well known. Most of the time we use site ground to host our websites. Other than that, we also use Go daddy and Blue Host to host our website.

3. Free Domain Based Email

Domain based email address is also essential to enrich the reputation of your business. Having an email address like info@yourdomainname.com or support@yourdomainname.com will always add the trust and a value to your business.
We provide free domain based email address will all of our web design packages.

4. Number of Pages

We provide 5 pages, 10 pages and 15 pages with our business web design packages respectively. If you need additional pages than the number of pages we provide with a specific package, it is $30 per page. Both with eCommerce website design and custom web development packages, we provide unlimited pages.

5. We create Mobile Responsive Websites

All of our websites are responsive to mobile devices. The content of a web page will be adjusted according to the screen size in a mobile responsive website . Mobile responsiveness will increase the user friendliness of a website.

6. Social Media Linking

Social Media play a huge role in search engine marketing and search engine optimization these days. It is also a good practise to build your social media accounts to represent your business because they can create leads to your business.
We will create all major social media accounts for your business such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, YouTube and Instagram.

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7. Onsite Search Engine Optimization

We will optimize your website to match with the requirements of major search engines. Search Engine Optimization has two sides called “on page search engine optimization” and “off page search engine optimization”. We provide on page search engine optimization with all of our packages. Under on page search engine optimization, we will optimize Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords for each page. We maintain the keyword density throughout the site.

8. Site security and support

Website security is important. We provide maximum site security for our websites. Our websites are well guarded against major malware, cross-site scripting and SQL injections.

9. Website Speed Optimization

Website loading speed is crucially important for search engine optimization and it will also reduce customers bouncing off from your website. Standard loading time for a website should be within 3s to 5s. But this will vary according to so many factors such as internet speed, the end user device, browser type and file sizes.
At My Cheap Web Design, we will optimize your website for better loading time minimizing the file sizes and images sizes. We will surely reduce the website loading time to be in between standard times.

10. Conversion Optimization

Turning website visitors into actual customers is called conversion optimization. There are various methods and techniques which we can use to increase the conversion rate. Call to Action buttons, website navigation, eye catching images, customer reviews, videos can be considered as commonly used conversion optimization techniques.
We provide conversion optimization with all of our web design packages except One Page Website Design and Affordable Website Design.

11. Setting up a Blog

Blog was previously used as a method of passing news and extra information to the customers. But now it has become one of the major source for creating traffic and back links for a website. This proven technique has delivered positive impact for results in search engine optimization. We are happy to say that we set up blogs with Advance Business Website package and eCommerce Website Design package.

12. Advance Business Features

We will integrate custom business features according to your requirements. Some businesses need to have specific business features in their website. That is why we have decided to include advance business features with our advance business website package.

13. Secure Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway is third party software which does the transaction for your eCommerce website. At My Cheap Web Design, we only integrate secure payment gateways with our eCommerce websites. Our default payment gateway is PayPal. We can install other payment gateways such as elavon, Wordpay, Authorised.net, SagePay and Stripe.

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