Why there is such a Difference in Web Design Price

There are many Vancouver web design companies and they offer various website design services at different prices. At My Cheap Web Design, we also provide many web design services but at affordable prices.

Web design is a process of visualizing, planning and building a collection of files that complete the layout using colours, text, images, structures and graphics to present to your visitors. Web design process and the designing time can be varied according to customer requirements, web design platforms and different Vancouver web design company aspects.

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Designing a quality website involves takes lot of efforts and knowledge. That is one of the reasons why My Cheap Web Design Vancouver follows our 7 phrase web design process. It helps a lot for our customers to get what they expect from us and also it help our website designers to get better a idea of their requirements. Our web designers always refresh their web design knowledge to modernize their designs with the new web design technologies and tools.

Under web design service, we have different website design packages to match different business requirements. Our web design packages are,

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ECommerce web design has become more popular among people in Vancouver due to many reasons. We have been offered affordable eCommerce web design service since we started our web design company. My Cheap Web Designers have years of experience designing and developing eCommerce websites using so many web design platforms. We also guide you through the website and the backend of the eCommerce website.

Our eCommerce website design package has everything you need to run an eCommerce store. We provide SSL certificate for your online store. Security of an eCommerce website is really important. And that is why we provide extra security for our eCommerce websites.

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Vancouver Web Development Services

Custom web development is developing a website using raw coding from the scratch to meet customer’s unique requirements. Generally custom web development is expensive than the template customization. As we need to write codes from the beginning, custom web development can take a lot of time and effort.

My Cheap Web Developers have deep knowledge in web development languages such as PHP, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, MYSQL, CSS, HTML, JQuery and more. Therefore, we know that our web developers can handle any custom web development project.

The key success for custom web development is good communication. Without ongoing regular communication between web developers and clients, web developers will never be able understand the requirements on clients’ mind. Therefore, when My Cheap Web developers build a bespoke website, we will contact our clients on regular basis to verify that we have achieved what our clients were looking for. Our custom web development service is very unique and business centred.

Website redesign is so popular nowadays due to blooming new web design trends.

New trends in web design are blooming everyday in a rapid speed. All of these new techniques and technologies aim to provide the best end user experience. Therefore, if your website is out dated comparing to modern technologies, you are passing a negative impression to your customers without your knowledge.

Your website can be outdated for the search engines as well. Due to search engine algorithm updates, your website will not be compatible with most of search engine requirements. This will bring adverse effects for the marketing of your website.

Due to above reasons, you will have to redesign your website. As a web design company, we have a website redesign package which provides everything you need in website redesigning process.

Our experts will analyze your existing website, high ranking pages and back links prior to redesigning. By doing that, our web designers expect to keep your existing SEO rankings.

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