Website Redesign Plan

Mycheap web designers will identify the areas that need to be improved and weaknesses which should be removed by auditing current website and make a plan before redesigning websites.

Website Redesign Technique

Our web designers analyze your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths to find a way to maximize opportunities before redesigning your existing website to outrank them.

Redesign Strategies

Finally, MyCheap Web developers will use their various strategies and experience when redesigning your existing website to give a new meaning to your business.

Vancouver Website Redesign


As a business owner, you might have various reasons to think that you really need to redesign your existing website. If you have decided to move forward with redesigning, then My Cheap Web Designers can help you rebuild your website from the beginning at affordable rates.

Mobile Friendly Website Redesign

One of the main reasons for website redesigning is old websites are not mobile friendly at all. Mobile responsive websites adjusts the website content according to the different screen sizes. Therefore, visitors can see the website content very clearly. Mobile responsive websites generate more traffic than the websites which are not mobile friendly. Mobile responsiveness has now become an essential factor in search engine optimization. My Cheap web designers are pleased to redesign your website so that it will have maximum mobile responsiveness which increases the conversion rate of your business website.

My Cheap Web Designers can redesign your website to create a modern look and increase your SEO ranking by building new web strategies. Our modern designs will definitely attract more visitors and dramatically increase your sales.

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  • Responsive Web Pages
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Social Media linking
  • Onsite SEO Campaign

Redesign Your Website with My Cheap Web Design Vancouver


My Cheap Web Designers will analyze the competitors websites before starting website redesign projects. This is one of the best ways to identify how much you are lagging behind as a business owner. These comparisons will give us a clear pictures about the areas that we should pay our special attention. These analysis will also help us a lot to understand the opportunities which we can use in the process of redesigning a website. Finally, we can create more effective and attractive new website replacing your existing website.


Website redesign process is not that simple. Especially when it comes to search engine's point of view, there is risk of losing existing search engine rankings in the process of redesigning websites. Therefore, redesigning process should be smooth as much as possible. We must not let existing ranking to fall down. On here, 301 direction from old URLs to new URLs will generated to safeguard the existing Google rankings. Some of you may still like some of the images, features and functions of your website. You might still need to keep those interesting features. In that case, we can keep the stuff you like or add them to our new design. You are more than welcome to discuss with us and pass your ideas regarding the new website and how you want it. Your help and solid communication with us will make it easy for us to help you.


When we redesign a website, Sometimes, we will have to use content management systems. One of the most famous content management system is WordPress. We will discuss with you before proceeding with website redesign project whether you need a WordPress website or a raw HTML website. We can also use other content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal. More importantly, we focus on the content of redesign websites. It is really important to have original and lengthy content to attract both customers and search engines. Properly manage content will immensely help you to rank your website high in search engines. My Cheap Web Design content writers will help you to improve the original content before redesigning the website.

Website Redesign Vancouver