Stay Ahead Of The Game: Must-Watch Digital Marketing Trends!

Technology progresses rapidly. Each year brings forth new and trending social media apps, improved smartphones, and other technological advancements that hold the potential to revolutionize your digital marketing efforts.

To help you navigate the pervasive hype, we have compiled a curated list of digital marketing trends that should be on your radar in the upcoming years.

Unveiling The Hottest 10 Digital Marketing Trends!

Digital Marketing Trends

Below are a few emerging digital marketing trends that can assist you in effectively engaging with your customers in the upcoming years:

1. Privacy and Cookies Policy

To enhance internet privacy, Google is actively working to eliminate third-party cookies from websites, while Firefox and Safari have already ceased support. This transition is expected to affect the display of your onsite ads and banner ads. Consequently, websites will no longer be able to utilize tracking cookies for ad personalization.

Fortunately, Google and other platforms are currently developing alternative algorithms to display onsite ads, aiming to enhance privacy. It is important to note that cookies will officially remain until the end of 2023. To optimize your digital ads, consider utilizing relevant keywords and advertising on platforms that offer a suitable context for your advertisements.

2. Voice SEO Is Increasingly Important In Today's Digital Landscape

Digital assistants continue to be a popular trend, as customers rely on them to streamline their daily lives. With Digital Marketing Trends like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, and Google's digital assistant, individuals can effortlessly search the Internet without the need to pick up their phones. In fact, according to, voice-based searches accounted for 20% of all internet searches in 2021.

When optimizing your business website for voice search, consider tailoring it to conversational phrases that users would use when finding you through their virtual assistants. For instance, while a user might type "Vancouver Web Design Company" on the Internet, they are likely to ask, "What is the best Vancouver web design company?" during a voice search.

3. In-feed Shopping Feature

If you operate an eCommerce business, you may already be acquainted with shoppable posts on social media. You can now connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to your digital catalogue, enabling users to conveniently click on social media posts in their feeds to purchase products.

Google Ads provides an additional in-feed shopping tool through shopping campaigns. These ads are connected to your product catalogue and appear as shoppable photos. Customize your ad by defining the search terms that users can use to discover it. Set your parameters, such as geographical area and inventory quantity. Once your product is sold out, Google can automatically remove the ad.

4. Enhance Your App Engagement With Push Notifications

Engagement With Push Notifications

Utilize this digital marketing trend to effectively notify customers about upcoming appointments, promptly deliver digital receipts, and strategically promote upcoming sales.

Approximately 7.1 billion individuals utilized mobile devices in 2021, according to statistics from Statista. Hence, it is highly likely that a significant portion of your customer base possesses smartphones. Leveraging push notifications allows you to engage with your customers through their mobile devices effectively.

Employ push notifications to deliver personalized messages that appear on users' mobile devices, whether as a message bubble on their home screen or as an SMS in their text feed. Uncover the potential of push notifications to effectively engage with your clients and boost traffic to your website.‌

5. SMS Marketing - Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends also encompass the direct connection with clients via text messages. In addition to push notifications and email marketing, utilize SMS messages to engage with your customers effectively. This tool allows for directly sending text messages to clients who have opted-in.

Typical SMS marketing applications, such as promotions, coupons, and personalized messages, are widely used. It is important to keep these messages concise and provide customers with the option to opt-out.

6. The Video Marketing

The average individual spends approximately 100 minutes per day watching online videos. It's worth noting that watching videos on Facebook ranks among the most popular activities on the Internet. To tap into this market, consider leveraging video ads. One practical approach is to establish a YouTube or Vimeo channel, utilizing video content to educate and engage with your target audience.

To engage your audience effectively, consider leveraging TikTok business videos and other social media marketing content. Boost discoverability by incorporating popular hashtags when sharing your videos. Alternatively, if you prefer not to produce regular video content, you can explore over-the-top (OTT) advertising. Craft concise ads lasting 10 to 15 seconds that can overlay other videos for maximum impact.

OTT advertisements are strategically placed at the beginning of other streaming videos, providing an opportunity to engage and connect with viewers. Video marketing is highly increasing in Digital Marketing 2024.

7. Email Marketing And Segmentation

Privacy is a paramount concern for both internet providers and users. Extend the same level of consideration to your email list. When engaging in email marketing, segment your list and send personalized emails to different segments. For guidance on effectively segmenting your email list, you can refer to resources.

By doing so, you can enhance the value of every member of your email list. It is important to approach your email marketing campaign thoughtfully and ensure that opting out is a simple process for list members.

8. Engaging Content

People love engaging with brands on social media and other marketing channels. And with interactive content, you can have real-time conversations with your followers. It's a fantastic way to connect and build relationships!

Exciting features like Instagram Live and Facebook Live empower you to connect with your audience in real-time while recording your video. Take advantage of these incredible digital marketing strategies to interact and engage with your customers on a whole new level.

Consider hosting an intriguing "ask me anything" live event or an informative product Q&A session. Remember to promote this event for a few weeks to generate more participation and excitement. And, of course, pay close attention to your streaming setup to ensure a top-notch and memorable experience for your audience. Get ready to create an engaging and quality event!

9. The Power Of Conversational Marketing

There's another digital media trend in 2024 that's gaining serious steam: conversational marketing! It's all about using chatbots, AI assistants, and other tools to make it easier for customers to contact you. Not only does it enhance customer service, but it also helps generate leads and provides quick answers to any questions they may have. Exciting stuff!

Experience the power of conversational marketing! Your customers can effortlessly connect with a bot through text messages or chat platforms, swiftly resolving their issues. With this tool, you can be available round-the-clock, eliminating the need to handle calls and emails personally. And if your clients require human assistance, chats can seamlessly transition to a call center or even to you. Embrace the future of customer engagement with these Digital Marketing Trends!

10. The Practice Of Influence Marketing

Collaborating with an influencer in your industry can unlock many potential customers. In 2021 alone, the industry has generated a staggering $13 billion!

This powerful marketing strategy entails providing complimentary products to social media personalities or compensating them for endorsing your brand. In return, they create captivating posts to introduce their followers to your unique products. Get ready for a boost in brand awareness!

Want to boost your brand's reach? Consider partnering with famous personalities on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. Instead of splurging on a major influencer with millions of followers, why not team up with a micro-influencer?

These rising stars have 1,000 to 10,000 followers and serve niche audiences. According to Forbes, micro-influencers provide access to a targeted demographic interested in your business. Plus, their followers see them as more trustworthy. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a significant impact with a smaller influencer!

Top 8 eCommerce Digital Marketing Trends

Harness the power of these eCommerce digital marketing trends to gain a competitive edge in your online business. This comprehensive list of digital marketing trends will ignite strategic thinking and help you shape a prosperous future. Discover how savvy marketers can leverage these trends to boost earnings. Dive deeper into the world of eCommerce strategy.

eCommerce Marketing Trends

Alright, let's dive into the world of eCommerce website strategies and discover the game-changing eCommerce digital marketing trends that will empower companies in 2023. Get ready for some exciting insights!

eCommerce SEO

In addition to improving your product pages to be SEO-friendly, creating an eCommerce SEO strategy that targets different stages in the funnel can be beneficial. For instance, how can your eCommerce business (or site) get users to the stage of awareness or consideration and help them move on to the next level?

If you are looking for ideas to implement the current eCommerce SEO trend, take a look at these ideas for content types:

  • Blog Post
  • Press Release
  • eBook
  • Expert Roundup
  • Guest Post
  • Product Explanation Videos
  • Infographics, etc.

Making SEO-friendly content is a series of stages, from writing edits for content to writing drafts of content to publish. If you're in a hurry, consider investing in agencies for eCommerce SEO. We offer services for content marketing, such as taking care of everything.

Remarketing Ads / Retargeting Ads

Since Google introduced its remarketing platform, eCommerce businesses have fully capitalized on it, leading to impressive conversion rate increases of 300-400% or more. But what should online retailers do when visitors come to their site, find what they're looking for but don't make a purchase?

The optimal solution is to provide dynamic retargeted advertisements. With technologies like Facebook and Google, marketers can effectively track and engage customers across their digital journey. 

By showcasing ads that captivate with captivating visuals of your product, your business stays top of mind and offers a seamless pathway to your website. Retargeting ads excel on social media, though they may not be for everyone. As with any paid campaign, it's crucial to explore and experiment before diving into substantial ad spend. Get ready to make waves! 

Video Marketing For eCommerce Websites

Videos have a tremendous impact on your business. They have the power to skyrocket brand recognition by an impressive 139 percent and supercharge conversion rates by a whopping 86 percent. Imagine creating captivating videos that showcase your products, provide industry insights, or even offer a sneak peek behind the scenes of your company.

By leveraging the magic of video, you can effortlessly captivate customers, tell compelling stories, and drive sales like never before. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of customer engagement and business growth!

AR/VR and AI in eCommerce Digital Marketing Trends

AI, AR, and VR - these cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing eCommerce marketing! By enhancing the customer experience, they empower businesses to drive sales like never before. Embrace the future and unlock new possibilities for your brand!

AI has the remarkable ability to tailor the shopping experience just for you. Imagine receiving product recommendations based on your browsing and purchase history, and discovering personalized search results. Not only that, AI can even enhance customer service with responsive chatbots that provide real-time assistance. Get ready for a shopping journey like no other!

AR can elevate the product visualization experience, bringing it to life! Imagine being able to see that perfect piece of furniture in your own home or trying on stunning jewelry before you buy. And that's not all! AR can also transport you into a virtual fitting room, letting you try on clothes and experiment with makeup like never before. Get ready to step into the future of shopping!

VR opens up exciting possibilities for immersive shopping experiences. Imagine "walking" through a virtual store or showroom where you can explore products in a whole new way. With VR, you can even attend virtual product launches and fashion shows, bringing the excitement right to your fingertips. Embrace the future of retail with VR using these eCommerce marketing strategies.

Mobile Optimization / Mobile First Web Design

Discover another essential element in our eCommerce digital marketing trends collection: optimizing your mobile user experience. With over 40 percent of transactions happening on mobile devices, it's crucial to enhance your website for mobile if you want to boost revenue for your eCommerce site. Take advantage of capturing the ever-growing mobile shopping market!

To guarantee a seamless mobile experience, start by embracing responsive web design as a core component of your eCommerce website. This resilient mobile-first design will ensure your site adapts flawlessly to any device your users may wield. Let your website effortlessly mold itself to its screens, delivering a captivating user experience every time.

Additionally, why spruce up your site with mobile-friendly elements like thumb-friendly buttons or trendy hamburger menus? By delivering a delightful smartphone experience, you'll captivate customers and keep them eagerly engaged with your company and offerings.

Options For Virtual Payments

The cryptocurrency market witnessed an extraordinary surge in popularity over the past year, captivating the attention of enthusiasts worldwide. As we embark on this journey, we anticipate the trend to persist, albeit not without overcoming a few hurdles along the way. So, brace yourselves for an exciting ride ahead!

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are still working on gaining the name recognition necessary for widespread adoption. However, as people grasp their functioning, these digital currencies will become more popular.

Virtual Payment Options

While it's true that not every company is suited for cryptocurrencies, those who embrace them can gain a competitive edge through reduced fees and faster payment processing. Get ready to ride the wave of the future!

Mobile payment is a rapidly evolving field that has experienced phenomenal growth. According to Statista, the global number of iPhone users who activated Apple Pay skyrocketed by over 65 million in 2020, while the usage of Android Pay also surged.

With mobile payments accounting for a third of all digital transactions, their prominence is set to soar even higher as alternative methods like Bitcoin gain traction. Embrace the convenience and security of mobile payments as they revolutionize the way we exchange value!

Tailored Marketing For Online Stores

Get ready for the future of eCommerce internet marketing! While personalization might not be the only digital marketing trend, there are specific ones that will shape the coming years. With countless businesses vying for your target audience's attention, it's crucial to stand out and convince them to choose your products.

No one has time for irrelevant promotions or ads. That's where personalization comes in. By tailoring your approach, you can give customers the information they need and create a truly unique experience for your audience. Take advantage of this game-changing strategy!

Unlock the power of personalization in your email campaigns! When users join your email lists, go the extra mile to offer tailored content that meets their unique needs. Imagine running a boutique and having a client obsessed with shoes - sending them personalized emails featuring the latest footwear items is a surefire way to make them feel special! Start personalizing and watch your engagement soar!

You can level up your emails by adding a personal touch with the subscriber's name. It may seem like a small detail, but it's a fantastic way to show your readers that your email content is specifically crafted for them. Let them feel the uniqueness and connection in every message you send!

Live Streams Made Shoppable

In 2023, get ready for a whole new level of user engagement! Users increasingly opt for immersive videos that enhance their experience with products and services. Emphasizing personalized video content will be the game-changer, delivering a tailor-made interaction like never before. Get ready to captivate your audience and take engagement to new heights!

Remember those old-fashioned home shopping channels? Well, guess what? They're back but with a modern twist! Say hello to streaming channels like YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and TikTok. The concept is the same - except now, the presenter plays the role of an influencer.

The best part? The videos are not edited, and you can interact with the host in real-time! This shopping trend gained popularity during the pandemic as it provided customers with a safer way to shop, and guess what? It's here to stay! So get ready for an exciting and interactive shopping experience like never before!

Unveiling The Future: Top Digital Marketing Trends

If you're eager to discover how to skyrocket your conversions using the latest eCommerce digital marketing trends, you're in for a treat! Research the best strategies and marketing tactics tailored for your business, or reach out to our web design agency with the expertise and knowledge to keep your eCommerce website ahead of the curve. Get ready to unlock more revenue and stay ahead of the game!

Where To Focus Your Digital Marketing Efforts

No need to panic; you don't have to plunge into all these top digital marketing trends. Begin by delving deeper into each one, carefully selecting the ones that align best with your business and customers. By choosing tools that resonate with your audience, incorporating them into your digital marketing strategy will be a breeze. And once you've chosen, take that exciting first step forward. Let's go!

Once you've got the hang of one of the exciting new trends in digital marketing, it's time to dive into the world of experimentation and have a blast while growing your business! Alternatively, you can embark on a journey to prioritize your digital marketing services with us as one of the best Vancouver web design companies. Let the adventure begin!