eCommerce Websites Vancouver

Ecommerce Design History in Vancouver

With the rapid advancement of internet and web technologies, people tend to use internet to make their lives easy. One of the best example of this practice is eCommerce websites. Rather than wasting time in conventional shops, now a days people have used Internet to do their online shopping. Evolution of eCommerce websites in Vancouver have been comparatively sluggish than other main cities in the world. As you already know, Canada is a very large country. Therefore, eCommerce product delivery from a city like Vancouver in the west coast to the east coast can take couple of days. So there could be huge waiting time for customers. This might be the main reason for slow advancement of eCommerce websites Vancouver. This situation has completely changed now. Canada post has implemented special delivery packages for eCommerce owners which would allow eCommerce shop owners to deliver their products really fast. To give a good competition, other parcel post delivery services such as UPS has also increased the quality of their services.

A lot of businesses now a days have eCommerce websites attached to their conventional shops. This way, they have tried to maximised their sales. Not only they sell their products to the customers who visit their conventional stores but also they have created another stream to grab the online users by opening an eCommerce store. With the rapid development of technology and the usage of Internet users, Researchers believe that eCommerce sales will over weigh the conventional sales of major businesses in Vancouver.

Famous eCommerce Platforms

There are major eCommerce website platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart and etc.. But which platform would suite you the best? That is a very tricky question to answer because different eCommerce platforms have different features and functions. You need to analyse the features and functions you need in your eCommerce website before choosing an eCommerce platform for your business. Generally speaking WooCommerce is a simple and easy to use platform. Magento has a very strong backend and also this eCommerce website platform would suite for medium sized businesses. Both WooCommerce and Magento are free to use so that there is no monthly or annual charges. The other most important feature about these two eCommerce platforms is they are both open source platforms which has full scalability for future development.

Extra Tools for eCommerce Websites

If you think of running an eCommerce website, There are tools that you should know about. For example, you have to have the ability to choose the right payment gateway for the eCommerce website. On here, there are a couple of payment gateways you can use such as PayPal, Elavon, and Stripe. If you are new to the field of eCommerce, then we would suggest you to use PayPal as your payment gateway. PayPal Business accounts do not have any monthly charges instead they will charge percentage from each transaction.
Google analytics is also a really powerful tool which you can use to analyse the behavior of your eCommerce website visitors. Tool like Google analytic will help you a lot in the process of optimisation of conversion rates. You will get a graphical view of number of visitors and their behavior in your eCommerce website.
Google webmaster is also a really good tool which you can use in keyword optimization. You will see number of clicks, impressions and the position of your eCommerce website in Google for each keyword.

Post Design Strategies of eCommerce Websites

After designing the eCommerce website, you have to have a strategic plan to market it. Marketing is not that easy. The best approach to market the eCommerce websites is the social media. You can use a social media management platform such as Hootsuite to manage all your social media at once. Active social media accounts will generate more traffic into your websites.

Conversion Optimization

If you have only one payment option in eCommerce website, most of the visitors will drop off without proceeding with payment section. Therefore, it is better to provide with multiple payment options in your eCommerce website. Especially people sometime trust third party payment gateway such as PayPal than your website. Some people may not like to enter their credit or debit card details on your eCommerce website. Instead they prefer using PayPal to process the transaction for them. Therefore, having PayPal as one of the payment option is a good conversion optimization strategy.
Customer reviews are important in optimizing conversion rates for eCommerce websites. Having positive reviews will grow the credibility of eCommerce stores and on certain brands. By exceeding customer expectations can lead to get more positive reviews.
By offering free shipping on eCommerce store, you can increase the credibility. People like to see free shipping options these days. You can offer them free shipping over certain amount of order. So that you will be able to go above and beyond to satisfy the customers.